1 may. 2012

Oo__Rainbow Cake__oO


This is my rainbow cake for my birthday day after tomorrow. I fulfill  30 years old...  I wanted a special cake for me and this is.
The cake is peach and the frosting is a lemon mousse... it's amazing :))))

*The recipe to cake:
405 gr to flour
1+1/2 spoon baking powder
450 ml de buttermilk
3 eggs
338 gr sugar
187 gr unsalted butter
1 coffe spoon peach extract.
Food colouring: pink, red, yellow, blue and green, purple= blue+pink, and orange= yelow+red.
There are to 6 colours to 200 gr.

500 ml  whipping cream.
250 gr  mascarpone
300 gr Cream Cheese (Philadelphia)
125 gr Powder Sugar
4 drops to lemon essence.

To finally make a flower with lemon skin.




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